Help end over-incarceration by calling these legislators.

by | February 13th, 2019

Oklahoma leads the nation in incarceration. Oklahomans are put behind bars for things as minor as simple drug possession and inability to pay a fine or a fee.  This practice costs our state millions of dollars which could go towards real solutions like job training and mental health and substance abuse treatment. Additionally, it is not making us any safer. Fortunately, there is something you can do right now. Please call your legislators and ask them to vote YES to two bills that will help break this cycle of over-incarceration.

SB 252, authored by Sen. Roger Thompson and Rep. Chris Kannady, will help end pretrial detention for people accused of misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies who are locked up simply because they’re unable to buy their freedom from a bail bond agent. Thousands of people are sitting in jails in Oklahoma for the crime of being poor, sometimes for months. This time behind bars can result in lost jobs, lost housing, and child custody issues. SB 252 would let them return to their jobs and families. Please call members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and ask them to vote YES to SB 252.

Sen. Julie Daniels 405-521-5634
Sen. Darcy
Sen. Mary
Sen. Michael
Sen. Nathan
Sen. Kay
Sen. Brent
Sen. James
Sen. Casey
Sen. Lonnie
Sen. Ron
Sen. Darrell

HB 1269, co-authored by Reps. Jon Echols and Jason Dunnington, would allow people convicted of simple drug possession and low-level property crime to be eligible for shorter sentences. In 2016, voters approved two major justice reform initiatives, State Questions 780 and 781. SQ 780 reclassified simple drug possession and several low-level property crimes as misdemeanors instead of felonies, and SQ 781 directed the long-term savings from lower incarceration rates towards county treatment and rehabilitation services. While these reforms have had an instant impact on our court system, thousands of Oklahomans remain in prison for offenses that today would be a misdemeanor. Please call the members of the House Judiciary Committee and ask them to vote YES to HB 1269.

Rep. Chris Kannady 405-557-7337
Rep. Danny
Rep. Rhonda
Rep. Avery Frix
Rep. Ben
Rep. Jason
Rep. Robert
Rep. Terry
Rep. Jim
Rep. Mike
Rep. David
Rep. Dustin
Rep. Judd
Rep. Johnny
Rep. Collin
Rep. Rande

Three tips to start 2019 off on the right foot

by | January 15th, 2019

The next legislative session starts on February 4th. A new class of legislators is headed to the Capitol soon to start tackling important issues. So now what do we do? For people like you and me who advocate for policies that improve the lives of Oklahomans, our work doesn’t end after election day. With so many new legislators, it’s key time to let them know who we are and what we care about. Here are three things you can do to start the next legislative session off on the right foot.


It’s been a big year. Here’s what you accomplished.

by | December 20th, 2018

It’s been a year of big things for Together Oklahoma. From adding new chapters to growing our membership, Together Oklahoma has grown exponentially and we couldn’t have done it without you. Here are just some of the things you accomplished this year.

  • In addition to our chapters in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Norman, we added chapters in Stillwater, Woodward, and Moore.
  • Our membership grew from about 500 members in 2017 to nearly 1,000 strong today.
  • We hosted candidate forums in Lawton and Muskogee.
  • TOK members helped generate over 1,100 public comments and testified at meetings speaking out against a proposed rule change to SoonerCare that would end health care coverage for parents that are unable to work enough hours.
  • TOK chapters arranged meetings and trips to the Capitol during legislative session to advocate for increased revenue and protection of safety net programs.
  • And that’s not all!

TOK-Moore knocked on doors in their community to encourage people to get out and vote.

TOK-OKC hosted an event with Rep. Forrest Bennett to teach people how best to communicate with their legislator.

TOK-Stillwater hosted an event with The Oklahoma Academy to educate people about the tax code.

TOK-Woodward had a table and recruited new members at Enid Pride Festival.

TOK-Tulsa hosted a “What the Heck Am I Voting On?” event and were featured on local news.

TOK-Norman hosted a “Holiday Mingle and Jingle” with seven area legislators that gave members an opportunity to get to know their representatives before the next session.

We’ve had a great 2018 and with your help next year will be even better.  Help us continue to elevate the voices of more Oklahomans by donating to our work or purchasing a TOK t-shirt. Thank you for your support and we hope you will continue to join us in fighting for policies that work for all Oklahomans.

Vote for a more prosperous Oklahoma

by | October 31st, 2018

Election day is Tuesday, Nov. 6th and early voting starts Thursday, Nov. 1st through Saturday, Nov. 3rd at County Election Boards. This election will determine how we address pressing problems facing our state. This is our chance to build a more prosperous Oklahoma, but that can only happen with your vote.

Watch a short video from that staff at the Together Oklahoma and Oklahoma Policy Institute explaining all the reasons to get out and vote this year.

If you need information on the state questions, check out these state question fact sheets.

The deadline to request an absentee ballot is Oct. 31st by 5pm. You can request a ballot by visiting the Oklahoma Election Board website as well as confirm your polling location, look at a sample ballot, or look up locations for early voting.

Thank you for helping us put Oklahoma on a better path!

Runoff election day is tomorrow!

by | August 27th, 2018

Did you vote in the June primary election? If so, great! Now, are you going to vote in the runoff primary election?

Oklahomans did a great job of turning out for the primary election, but we still have work to do. It’s time to head to the polls once again! Tomorrow is election day for the runoff primary. Historically, voter turnout in the runoff has been abysmal. Let’s change that. Watch this short video to see why voting in the runoff is so important.

The polls are open tomorrow from 7am-7pm. If you want to see a sample ballot, confirm your polling location or have any other questions about voting, please visit the Oklahoma Election Board website.

Tomorrow is primary election day!

by | June 25th, 2018

Tomorrow is the day! It’s the last chance to vote in the primary election.

Advocates made big strides in the push for better funded schools and core services, but our work isn’t done. One of the most important things we can do is vote for people that will continue the work of building a fair and sustainable budget next session.

Polls are open tomorrow from 7am-7pm. You can check your polling location, view a sample ballot, or track an absentee ballot at the Oklahoma Election Board website. Find more information about the election and state question here.

If you are new to voting or just have some questions, you can also view this short video.

Our vote is our voice. Let’s make it count.

You can help protect SoonerCare for thousands of families

by | June 13th, 2018

Everyone should have the security of quality health care in times of need. Oklahomans shouldn’t have to worry if they can afford to see a doctor when they’re ill or get their asthma medication, insulin or other life-saving treatments.

Sadly, that is what’s happening. Lawmakers have ordered Oklahoma’s Medicaid officials to make a plan that could take Soonercare health coverage away from thousands of parents struggling to make ends meet.

The plan would force parents caring for family members or parents with irregular work schedules to work a certain number of hours to keep their coverage without considering their ability. But the plan’s details – what counts as work, how work is reported, the penalties for failure, and more – are still being developed.

That’s where you come in. Act now to tell Governor Fallin that vulnerable Oklahoma families need to be protected. Use this link to send a letter to Governor Fallin. The Oklahoma Standard requires us to be compassionate and understanding with our neighbors. Let’s make sure we’re using the utmost care when crafting this plan to make sure no struggling families fall through the cracks.

The deadline to register for the primary elections is June 1st!

by | May 30th, 2018

This has been a memorable year in Oklahoma politics. In addition to our regular legislative session, we had not one, but two special sessions. We saw tens of thousands of teachers descend on the Capitol in the teacher walkout. For the first time in over a decade, we passed tax increases to give teachers and state employees a pay raise. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, we ended the session with a record number of candidates filing to run for office.

It’s been a year of big changes, but we have more work to do. Although the increased revenue was sorely needed, we still have not come close to funding core services at the level that Oklahomans need.

The next step in is up to us.

The deadline to register to vote in the June primaries is June 1st. If you are not registered to vote,  you can find instructions and an application here. You can also get an application at your county election board, tag agencies, post offices, and public libraries.

Not sure whether you’re registered to vote? Check your status here.

Our state has pressing problems. The new governor and next class of legislators will need to be qualified to address them. Please use your vote to find the best people for these important jobs. We can build on the progress we made last session, but only if we show up at the polls.

ACT NOW: Protect SoonerCare for Thousands of Oklahoma families

by | May 7th, 2018

SoonerCare was designed to be a safety net program to ensure that low-income families receive medical care. It is how we make sure that people living in poverty have access to a flu-shot, an inhaler or access to life-saving medication. SoonerCare was never designed to be a jobs program.

Unfortunately, the Oklahoma legislature is attempting to undermine this successful program and turn it into something it was never intended to be. HB 2932 would end SoonerCare coverage for low-income parents who fail to complete work requirements. This move would endanger the health of thousands of Oklahomans and put entire families at risk. 

In this five-part series of videos, we examine why SoonerCare work requirements are harmful to Oklahoma families and bad for our state. Please watch and then contact Governor Fallin and ask her to veto HB 2932. 

Ask Gov. Fallin to veto these anti-family bills

by | May 4th, 2018

In the last few days of legislative session, Oklahoma lawmakers pushed through three bills that are harmful to Oklahoma children and families. These bills have now gone to Governor Fallin for her signature or veto. Please call Gov. Fallin today at (405) 521-2342 and ask her to veto these harmful bills:

SB 1221 would make it easier to sentence minors as young as 13 years old to life in prison without parole. This bill is an attempt to get around a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that mandatory life sentences without the possibility of parole for juvenile offenders violates protections against cruel and unusual punishment. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s rulings, dozens of states have moved away from their most punitive juvenile sentencing practices. Four of the states that border Oklahoma – Colorado, Kansas, Arkansas, and Texas – have banned juvenile life without parole altogether. SB 1221 would take Oklahoma in the opposite direction and damage the careful work of criminal justice reformers who are seeking a smarter approach to public safety.

HB 2932 would would end SoonerCare coverage for low-income parents who fail to complete work requirements. This move would endanger the health of thousands of Oklahomans and put entire families at risk. HB 2932 would threaten the health care of many parents who are already working in seasonal jobs or jobs with unpredictable hours. Losing health coverage will only make these parents less healthy and less able to work and support their children. And because Oklahoma hasn’t expanded Medicaid coverage for the vast majority of low-income working adults, most Oklahoma parents who lose their health care because of HB 2932 won’t have other options.

SB 1140 would allow foster care agencies to discriminate against prospective parents based on religion, sexual orientation, or other factors unrelated to whether the parent is able to provide a safe, loving home for their adopted children. Oklahoma has struggled for years to recruit more foster families and provide homes for thousands of Oklahoma kids in state custody, and this bill will only make that harder. The version of SB 1140 given final approval by the Legislature would even allow state funds to go to private foster care groups that discriminate against qualified foster families.

Oklahoma can do better than these anti-child, anti-family bills. Please call Governor Fallin at (405) 521-2342 and ask her to veto SB 1221, HB 2932, and SB 1140. If you’d prefer to contact her online, you can use this form. Governor Fallin can make the decision to sign or veto these bills any time in the next 15 days, so please call today or as soon as you can.

Thank you!