Protect Essential Revenues

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If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!

-Will Rogers

Tax collections and budgets are already at historic lows.

  • personal-income-shareWe have yet to restore cuts made during the recession to education and other critical services. This year’s budget is $572 million below five year ago after inflation. Now we are facing a $188 million shortfall.

  • Oklahomans are suffering because of state budget cuts. We have too few foster families for neglected and abused kids, students crammed into overcrowded classrooms, understaffed and unsafe prisons, rising tuition and fees, and more.


Tax cuts proposed by Oklahoma lawmakers would do little to nothing for average Oklahomans.

  • average-tax-cut-2014Middle-income families would get just $29 per year.

  • Two out of every five Oklahoma families would get no tax cut.

  • One-fourth of the tax cut would go to a few Oklahomans already making more than $1 million per year.

Slashing the income tax is not a path to prosperity.

Oklahoma already does better than most states with no income tax.

  • unemployment-ok-vs-no-income-taxStates without the income tax have higher property tax and sales tax. This shifts the tax load onto seniors, farmers, and low- and middle-income families.

  • Families and businesses need the investments made possible by the income tax. “If our ability to educate and train employees for a 21st century economy is damaged through lack of funding, if we can’t maintain our roads and bridges, strong health care system, robust research and technology infrastructure, safe streets, etc., then the benefits of a reduction in the income tax rates may be limited.” – Chris Benge, former Republican House Speaker and VP of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce, now Gov. Fallin’s Secretary of State

Oklahomans Agree…


Tax cut boosters offer the false promise of a free lunch — that we can cut taxes without paying for it with other tax increases or cuts to services. These are empty political promises that defy common sense.

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